The power of Brand Investment

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July 2019

The world out there is cluttered with paraphernalia of brands, which are continuously vying to reach the top. However, to be apostolised as a verb like Xerox it, Google it or even the yummy Popsicles, needs a tool more powerful than advertising. 

It needs Brand Investment. And this is exactly what Bleu strives for.

What’s Brand Investment?

Brand Investment is fundamental. Brand Investment is pivotal. Branding Investment is Oxygen.

It is the contributions, be it qualitative or quantitative, you make to manifest your brand with the ‘image' you want it to carry. It is more than just a logo or tagline. It involves a great deal of time, #thinkbleu, patience, zeal, creativity, passion and logic to carve out that niche in the industry and proclaim that “We’re here to stay”.

Why Invest in Brands?

Bleu believes that every organisation, be it fresher or acclaimed, needs brand investment as it not only builds incredible value for them but also inspires devotion amidst customers that goes beyond reason.

Below I have penned down a few vital reasons which personifies the power of Brand Investments.

Propels financial growth

Brands which have been moulded out of passionate investments, narrate a history of high returns.

The Economist in 2014 had reported that “Brands account for more than 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index.” 

The next year, a survey by World Economic Forum seconded this verity. “Three-fifths (59%) of the survey respondents estimated that corporate brand or reputation represents more than 40% of a company’s market capitalization,” the report concluded.

Fortifies Reputation 

Just like financial benefits, Brand investment bolsters brand value, which in turn enhances the company’s reputation. So when a company is undergoing crisis, their brand value helps them hold up their fort while they are mitigating the damage.

The recognition that your brand receives ensures that they will still choose you despite the momentary brand crisis and also recommend you to other fellow customers.

In 2012, Kasper Ulf Nielsen an executive partner of a reputed and a global private consulting firm echoed this fact.

“People’s willingness to buy, recommend, work for, and invest in a company is driven 60% by their perceptions of the company and only 40% by their perceptions of their products,” The Forbes quoted Nielsen as saying.

Intensifies Trust

The trust that a brand has earned for itself is also a company’s valuable asset. In fact, it is similar to a stock market, wherein the experience, memories, stories and relationships you have built is directly proportional to the trust factor and business outcomes.

A study by marketing agency Red C found out that when the participants of the survey were asked to buy a party dress online or select a cruise holiday, 82% of participants chose a brand that they were familiar with, irrespective of the ranking it had on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Such is the power of the brands, who have mastered the art of building a loyal trust with their consumers.

Inspired Employees

At Bleu, we believe that brand value of a company serves as a motivational factor for its employees. It helps companies inspire its taskforce towards the company goals and facilitate the hiring and retaining process.

Controlling Price

Your brand value gives you that much-needed edge you need to raise prices, without losing out any of your customers. However, a company doesn’t achieve this edge in one day. Their command over the price premium is the result of well thought and arduous brand investment.

Seth Godin an American author and former dot com business executive has brilliantly explained this in his blog

“A brand’s value is merely the sum total of how much extra people will pay, or how often they choose, the expectations, memories, stories and relationships of one brand over the alternatives,” Godin wrote.

All these factors play a prime role in motivating companies to engage in Brand Investment. This is exactly where Bleu steps in and facilitates companies with its specialisations to achieve a brand value that echoes of recognition, reverence and success.


Sriparna Ghosh

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